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i.MX53: New display shows artifacts

Question asked by PeterRandeu on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by gusarambula

On our i.MX53 based board we have been successfully using a Mitsubishi AA050MG01--T1 LCD panel. The display has been discontinued and we replaced it with its successor, a AA050MG03--T1. According to the datasheets, nothing has changed between the two displays except the maximum brightness. So we expected the new display to be a drop in replacement, working "out of the box". But we got some problems: everything shown by the new display is covered by artifacts.

The interesting thing is, that the artifacts are only visible in Linux, but not in u-boot. See the two images:


The artifacts are static, but there are also some flickering pixels visible in the area that looks like a bar code.

I have change the timing parameters with fbset but that had no influence on the artifacts nor on the flickering.


We did not have any problems with the old display. It worked well with Linux and u-boot.


Has someone an idea, what the cause of the artifacts on the new display might be?

Maybe someone has seen something similar before and can give us a clue on who to fix this problem?

Since the display is working in u-boot, it might be a problem of the display initialization code in Linux?


Thanks for any help,