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IMX6 Sololite - Display interface

Question asked by Vijayan Sivamani on Oct 15, 2014
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In our design,  We have 2MP/ 30 fps camera module connected to the imx6 using CSI 10 bit interface. Also,a 240x 240 resolution LCD is connected to the processor through 8 bit MPU LCDIF mode. But in the imx6 reference manual page-833, it is said that, the moving picture is not supported under MPU mode LCDIF interface. From my understanding, if the video from the camera would be scaled down to the LCD resolution @ lower bandwidth (through pixel pipeline ?) and then fed to the LCDIF through MPU mode at modest data rate. Can anyone please confirm, whether above design implementation through this imx6 sololite processor is possible/ will work ? Or share the comments on conflicts on above implementation.