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Need to know some details about PMIC MMPF0100

Question asked by John Wesley on Oct 14, 2014
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Hi all,

In our present project we would like to use IMX solo lite processor MCIMX6L2DVN10AB. I had a huge confusion after seeing the evaluation schematic in POWER MANAGEMENT CIRCUIT...,



I have seen in eval board of sololite processor (MCIMX6SLEVK). In this eval board F1  programmed (MMPF0100F1EP) PMIC is used for power circuit. based on the schematic I could see the voltage level 1.5 at Vgen2 pin. But as per the datasheet  (page number 20 )   F1 column of Vgen2 generation voltage is empy. (-)


so my doubt is "


1. how  Vgen2 ( 1.5v)  generated from (MMPF0100F1EP) at reference schematic of sololite (MCIMX6SLEVK)?


2. is it possible to change the voltage level of each regulator in preprogrammed PMIC ( F0, F1, F2...) ?


3. what is the purpose of I2C interface in preprogramed PMIC F1, F2, ..?


4. Kindly suggest me what kind of PMIC( MMPF0100) or programming chip will support for this processor MCIMX6L2DVN10AB.


5. If I don't want to use some of the regulator voltage, what I have to do in schematic? shall I keep in open for all the pin which I don't want to use?


Thanks and regards

John Wesley.