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Debugging problem

Discussion created by John Griswold on Sep 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2007 by Tom Thompson
We are running CWide 5.7.0 build 1917 (what could be graciously called a vintage version, I guess?) and have an odd debugging problem.

Of several applications, we have one that refuses to be debugged. All of the settings in the project appear to be the same, with the exception of the target name. Both applications were written by the same guy, so I'm sure the project settings were cloned at the beginning.

With Application A, debugging starts up normally - i.e. the source code is displayed with the debug cursor on main(), and debugging can continue on apace.

With Application B (which has more variables declared in main() and has a much longer name, but otherwise quite similar), when the debug button is pressed, the code is pushed across the ethernet like normal, and the debugging window appears, but it disappears very quickly, as though it's set to execute rather than debug.

Is there a setting that we're missing? My cohort and I sat down and did a stare-and-compare of the target settings file, and the configuration is the same excepting the target name.

Anyone got any clues, hints, comments of derision, etc? We're pretty much stumped, and sick of debugging with printf statements.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can shed light.