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TWR-K70F120M crashes unexpectedly

Question asked by Mateusz Majchrzycki on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by Mateusz Majchrzycki


I'm running an eCos application which do a lot of mathematical computation. The problem is that application crashes after a few seconds or minutes. Moreover, when I connect the JTAG (OSBDM) and run the OpenOCD (Open On-Chip Debugger 0.7.0 (2013-08-04-09:35)) even when the OpenOCD is started just for few seconds, the microcontroller runs smoothly without a crash.

Connecting OSBDM (physically) without starting OpenOCD also finishes with application crash.


Unfortunately, when the processor is crashed I can start OpenOCD but I can't halt the processor to see what state is it.


Log from OpenOCD when the processor is crashed tells:

Info : 259 2395 server.c:83 add_connection(): accepting 'telnet' connection from 4444

Debug: 260 5058 command.c:145 script_debug(): command - ocd_command ocd_command type ocd_halt

Debug: 261 5058 command.c:145 script_debug(): command - halt ocd_halt

Debug: 263 5060 target.c:2460 handle_halt_command(): -

Debug: 264 5060 cortex_m.c:596 cortex_m3_halt(): target->state: unknown

Warn : 265 5060 cortex_m.c:604 cortex_m3_halt(): target was in unknown state when halt was requested

Debug: 266 5063 target.c:2442 target_wait_state(): waiting for target halted...

Info : 268 6063 target.c:455 target_poll(): Halt timed out, wake up GDB.

Debug: 269 6063 target.c:1294 target_call_event_callbacks(): target event 0 (gdb-halt)

Error: 278 10064 target.c:2450 target_wait_state(): timed out while waiting for target halted

Debug: 279 10064 command.c:631 run_command(): Command failed with error code -4

User : 280 10064 command.c:669 command_run_line(): in procedure 'halt'

Debug: 281 13409 command.c:145 script_debug(): command - ocd_command ocd_command type ocd_exit

Debug: 282 13410 command.c:145 script_debug(): command - exit ocd_exit

Info : 284 13412 server.c:476 server_loop(): dropped 'telnet' connection


I compare OpenOCD logs when I start it under processor is running without problems and when it crashed. There is only one difference:

- under working system

arm_adi_v5.c:959 dap_syssec_kinetis_mdmap(): MDM_REG_STAT 0004003A

- under crashed system

arm_adi_v5.c:959 dap_syssec_kinetis_mdmap(): MDM_REG_STAT 0000003A


The difference bit is 'Core SLEEPING' from MDM-AP status.


Does anybody meet similar problem? Why I can't halt the processor even when the connection between OSBDM and processor's JTAG is alive (I have connected LA)?


Thanks for any suggestions.