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M5223X Interrupt priorities

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Sep 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2007 by Dennis Shutt
Hi All

Can any one give a definitive answer to the following question?

The M5223X has 2 interrupt controller modules (INTC0 and INTC1), each capable of configuring 56 fully programmable interrupt souces.
When setting up these sources the user must ensure than no two sources are set with the same level and priorities.

The question is, whether this is per interrupt control module or for the whole device?

Eg. In INTC0 one interrupt is set to level 2, priority 5.
It is clear that level 2, priority 5 is now used and must be avoided (in INTC0).
In INTC1 a second interrupt is defined with the same values - level 2, priority 5.

Is this a violation of the rule or is it OK because they are in sererate interrupt controller modules?

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Mark Butcher