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Delete a LWMSQ.

Question asked by Michael Spieker on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by Michael Spieker

I'm using MQX 4.0 with a Cortex-M4 (TWR-K60D100M).


In my application I use different Tasks and every Task has its own LWMSQ. Now I want to delete a task while runtime and also want to delete the MSQ. But there is no operation to delete the MSQ.
I tried to do something like this:
me->rtosMessageQueue->LINK.PREV->NEXT = me->rtosMessageQueue->LINK.NEXT;
me->rtosMessageQueue->LINK.NEXT->PREV = me->rtosMessageQueue->LINK.PREV;
Without success.


Performing these statements will corrupt events inside other MSQs. I hope you understand my Problem and I'm happy for any kind of help


TY Michael