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Dual display in clone mode on i.MX6 Solo SabreSD based board

Question asked by vikash patil on Oct 13, 2014

Hi All,


I would like to achieve dual display with clone mode using LCD (CLAA-WVGA, RGB666) and HDMI on iMX6Solo sabresd based custom board which uses the X11.


I have following doubts regarding dual display in clone mode

- Is dual display in clone mode supported using vivante xorg driver? or Is there another way to do this?

- Is this require some xorg.conf changes, can any one please share the same?

- Do I need to have same display configuration for both the display to achieve this (same resolution , same display timing etc..)

- Is there any modification require in kernel or userspace to achieve this?


Just to give some more information regarding my set-up:


I am using ipu and disp id 0 for both hdmi and lcd as follows and I observed errors from fb driver as following


ipu_id = <0>;

disp_id = <0>;


mxc_sdc_fb fb.31: ipu0-di0 already in use

mxc_sdc_fb: probe of fb.31 failed with error -16)


then I tried changing the disp_id to 1 as follows from 0 for hdmi and now kernel boots without errors from mxc_sdc_fb


I have HDMI at 1920x1080 or 1280x720 and LCD at 800x480 on di0.


I am using followings:


Vivante GFX drivers:



Any comments, suggestions, ideas?


Thanks & Regards,,