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Role of NFC clock of MK70FN1M0VMJ12 in accessing NAND FLASH

Question asked by PUSPAM NAYAK on Oct 11, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by rickli

Dear Members,


I am very eager to know how NFC clock is playing role in accessing data from Parallel NAND FLASH as I am not able to see or find  any NFC clock pin at MK70FN1M0VMJ12.

So wanted to know that without NFC clock pin how handshaking is happening between of MK70FN1M0VMJ12 and Parallel NAND Flash or NFC is using BUS CLOCK.


While Interfacing NFC to Parallel NAND Flash shall I consider NFC CLOCK or BUS CLOCK. Please let me know


Request you to give some more details on this.


Kindly reply at earliest


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Puspam Nayak