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shell_test app release sdk migration

Question asked by Tim Rotunda on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by Tim Rotunda


So I am back at trying to migrate the old beta sdk app, shell_test into the released sdk after a long hiatus.


There seems to be major changes with the clock code, which might well be the issue I am looking at today. While I have things building and pushed out to the FRDM-K64, right off the bat I hit a HardFault in the PORT_HAL_SetMuxMode at BW_PORT_PCRn_MUX.


Thinking it was a clock issue, because of all the differences from beta to release, I traced through the     CLOCK_SYS_EnableUartClock and I can see the UART0 clock get enabled as it does with the beta sdk.


I thought I would us my “phone a friend” first before I started tracing the old sdk trying to figure out what it is doing so I can make the release sdk do the same thing.  I am learing why the shell_test wasn’t in the release Demo folder now.