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Problem porting PE on MQX BSP on KDS

Question asked by Luiz Fernando Schrickte on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Luiz Fernando Schrickte



I've being successfull compiling some samples for MQX on KDS, however I'm now being happy with PE Demo one.


The software is requiring Processor Expert to be integrated on MQX BSP, and I just can't do that.


This is what I've done:

1. On BSP project, File->New->Other - Processor Expert -> Enable Processor Expert for Existing C Project

2. Selected project and FRDM-K64F processor

3. Generated Code for Processor Expert

4. Deleted Startup code and main.c code

5. Got error when compiling BSP:


..\..\..\..\..\..\KDS_1.1.1\eclipse\ProcessorExpert\lib\Kinetis\pdd2\MK64FN1M0LQ12\system\CPU_Init.h:102:32: error: unknown type name 'LDD_TClockConfiguration'

..\..\..\..\..\..\KDS_1.1.1\eclipse\ProcessorExpert\lib\Kinetis\pdd2\MK64FN1M0LQ12\system\CPU_Init.c:87:39: error: unknown type name 'LDD_TClockConfiguration'


I've tried already to include PE_Types.h unsuccessfully.


Am I doing it right? Any mistake? Maybe this is not the right way to add PE to MQX BSP!


Thank you very much!


Luiz Fernando