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Websockets on MQX 4.1?

Question asked by Luiz Fernando Schrickte on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by Karel Mozny



I've just realized Websockets is already available on MQX + KSDK package, however it is not present on MQX 4.1.


I was deciding for MQX + KSDK, however I've also realized that SD + FAT support will only be ready on December, 2014.


So, I'm going to skip KSDK for now (not only because of the lack of SD+FAT support, but also because I've seen a lot of small problems). The question is: will Websockets only be supported on MQX 4.2, scheduled for 04' 2015? Is there any chance I can copy and integrate Websockets implementation files from KSDK+MQX on current MQX 4.1 installation?


Thank you!



Luiz Fernando