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TWR_K70120MHz and MK10FX512VLQ12 compatibility

Question asked by nesrine mhiri on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by nesrine mhiri


whould like to measure current consumption in low power mode.

as it clear that the MK10FX512vlq12 have note a board so no schematics,but is compatible with K70 so with the TWR-K70120MHz.

I do for my chip K10 a generic board and it work well,

the problem is in low power mode ,my code work well with TWR-K70 but does not give good result with K10,i have all time Idd_lowpowermode (VLLs,stop;LLs)=21mA !!!

so i can say that the problem is hardware ,is there a wakeup pin in the MK10FX512VLQ12 that should be active or other thing like this?