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Controlling RC-car with mx 53

Question asked by Christos Papadopoulos on Oct 10, 2014
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I want to control a vehicle which will be connected with the mx53 Quick start Board, from a PC using Wifi connection

It will have to be in real time. I will have sensors in the car which will sent data over the MX53 QSB to a PC,so that the user can decide what to do.


If I purchase:

(mx53 Quick start Board already purchased)


Will I have all hardware needed to move, control speed and direction of the car?

Is it possible to control the car in real time?


Or is it better with:

  • TFC-KIT, battery,charger, wifi module
  • TWR-mechboard and
  • Traxxas XL5 

like Freescale (Figure 8)


Thank you for your time!!