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IMX6Q Sabre board with ADV7282 compatibily over MIPI interface

Question asked by Philippe Balleydier on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by Philippe Balleydier

Hi everyone,


I'm using the image fsl-image-gui on the IMX6Q Sabre Board (Poky Yocto project)

For technical reasons, i need to be able to connect an analog camera to the Sabre Board.

Since the sabre board doesn't have any analog video input, i have to use an analog to digital converter.

I found the ADV7282-M which is able to convert CVBS analog video signals into an 8-bit YCrCb 4:2:2 video data stream that is output over a MIPI CSI-2 interface.

I plan on using the ADV7282-M Evaluation board

To me both interfaces on the Sabre board and the ADV7282-M should be compatible and it should work without any problems.

But, to be sure, do you know about any technical or eletrical issues such as voltage and current i/o?

ADV7282-M datasheet:

Any pointers would be of great help

Thank you