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Fail to program MC9S08PT60 using USBDM, still can not fix that, who can save my life??

Question asked by Shucheng Zhu on Oct 9, 2014
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I asked a question for programming  MC9S08PT60 but I could not get any answer. The problem now is it is detecting PT chip as PA chip and can't write anything in. The log files I already update them in last question.


Now I have several questions:


1, is that USBDM the only way to do the on-board programming for  MC9S08PT60?? Do we have other methods for on-board programming??


2, If the PT won't work, what kind of 8-bit MCU I can use which gets a big memory (60k) and a low power consumption?


I still think the PT would be best for me. So if anyone can help me with this question, that will be perfect. Thanks




Shucheng ZHu