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How to send an ARP_request and ARP_resolve

Question asked by Alfredo Lopez on Oct 9, 2014
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I want to connect my own K60 board with a Linux host that has an application using UDP protocol, but before entering to UDP communication it stands for a couple of ARP_request and ARP_resolve messages. I tried to generate those ARP´s several ways (RTCS, DHCP, etc) but none generate this (I scope the line with Wireshark). Finally I programmed a direct call to ARP_request with my ip_source and ip_dest but  it generate just a couple of ARP_gratuitous_send messages.

I traced the execution and I found that ARP_request even takes ip_source and ip_dest the same value (that defined as ENET_IPADDR). I think that I can not call directly ARP's functions, but, how can I send to host an ARP_request, then an ARP_resolve?