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ecspi about  Status Register = 0x18

Question asked by fe la on Oct 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by fe la

Hello, Freescale


I am doing the debug of ecspi with touch-tsc2008.

I met a issue about I can't receive the data from RXDATA, whie I saw the data from the capture signal according to the following picture.

Can you help me check the configure for why I can't get the data from RXDATA?


the spi configure:

spiTs2008Attach: devFreq=2000000, mode=0, bitWidth=8





imxEcspiTransfer: txLen[1] rxLen[1] mode[0x0]

imxEcspiTransfer: cs=0, transLen=0x2, tx=0x1, rx=0x1, align=1

ctrlFreq=0x3938700, devFreq=0x1e8480, pre=0xe, post=0x1, freq=0x1e8480

imxEcspiChanCfg: confreg=0x70e1f1, configreg=0x100, ctrlFreq=60000000, spiFreq=2000000, curFreq=2000000

imxEcspiChanCfg OK

imxEcspiIsr: statreg=0x3

Tx: 0xd8

Tx: 0x0

imxEcspiIsr: statreg=0x18

omit rx-raw: 0x0

Rx: 0x0

imxEcspiIntTrans: done transfer




Thank you for your support!


Best Regards