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T1040RDB Codewarrior debugging

Question asked by Pat Erb on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Larry5335

I have a T1040RDB.  I am trying to test the ability to connect to a new board with no RCW present using a Codewarrior TAP.  I have cleared the RCW out of the flash and modified the dip switch settings so my board will boot with no RCW present.  I am using V10.4 of the CodeWarrior software.


I set up a project to connect to the board and set the JTAG configuration file to use the file \Freescale\CW_PA_v10.4.0\PA\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\QorIQ_T1\T1040RDB_RCW_1400_600_1600.txt.  I believe this should setup the RCW when the JTAG connects, but I get the following error:



Error launching 1040rdb-core00_RAM_T1040_Download




No details available.Details:

CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain

Stack Trace:






I've tested my JTAG connection and it works fine when I boot the board using the RCW in flash.  I have also tested this same scenario on our custom board, which has a blank flash and I get the same problem.


Am I missing any steps to get the JTAG to setup an RCW when connecting?