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coldfire start up

Question asked by Martin Schaefer on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by TomE

Hi all,


I have a electronic with a MFC5270. The electronic runs fine except, when tested in the assembly line.

The BDM/Debug port is contacted by needles to achieve connection to a programmer Unit.

If the needles are connected to the electronic, the µC sometimes does not start-up. This happens

with and without the programmer. It seems as if only the wires can prevent the µC from starting up.

All observations I have, is, that the µC activates the DDATA and PST lines for a short sequence.

If start-up does not work, PSTCLK goes to a 100MHz oscillation. In case of successful start-up, all lines

are quiet after this sequence.

The electronics schematic is according to Freescale's recommendations  (copy from evaluation board).

Is there any detailed information about safe start-ups and disturbances on the BDM/Debug-port?




Martin Schaefer