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PMIC POR open drain signal voltage - 2.65V instead of 3.0V

Question asked by Karthik Ramalingam on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by Jorge Ramirez
  1. In our iMX6 SOM, we tried to check the POR working behaviour.


In our testing, we probed the RESETBMCU signal from the PMIC that gets connected to iMX6 POR signal. When tested, we observed the voltage appeared to 2.65V (we probed the voltage using oscilloscope when the board boot up is finished and Operating System is launched). But it should be 3.0V (VSNVS).


Since RESETBMCU signal is an open drain signal and it connected directly to iMX6 processor POR signal, we should get 3.0V (POR signal is internally pulled up to VSNVS). We also checked VSNVS voltage and it measured 3.0V.


We also checked with errate regarding this problem. Did anyone encounter any problem like this.


PMIC connection details


PMIC Part Number: MMPF0100F0AEP

PMIC Pin Number: 3


PMIC Pin type: Open Drain


Connected to:  iMX6 connection details


iMX6 Part Number: MCIMX6Q5DVT12AC

iMX6 Ball Number: C11

iMX6 Ball Name: POR (internally pulled up to VSNVS voltage)


Karthik R