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Is 0 a permissible value for SDLKFS in the eMMC System Control register?

Question asked by Eugene Malina on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by andrei.skok

In P1010 QorIQ Ref Manual the minimal value for SDCLKFS is 0x01. This means that the base clock will be divided by at 2 at the minimum. The question is if I specify the value as 0x00 will the division occur?


clock freq = base clock /( (vv*2)*(x+1) )

where vv is the SDCLKFS value and x is the divisor. I my case the base clock is 200MHz and I need to set clock frequency to 40MHz. If ww=0 is a valid value I can set x=4 and get 40MHz, otherwise I do not see how it is possbile.

Any advice will be appreciated.