Remote control RF4CE and ZigBee HA use case for the MKW2x series device Dual PAN feature

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The Dual-PAN feature of the KW2x allows the single 802.15.4 radio to participate in two different networks simultaneously, switching back and forth between the 2 networks under software or hardware control.  The typical use case model would be one higher duty cycle network and one network with a low duty cycle.  One example is a remote control and home automation using the following Freescale software stacks; RF4CE and ZigBee HA.  Figure 1 shows the Daul PAN use case model:


Dual PAN - topic.PNG.png

Figure 1: Daul PAN use case model


The figure shows a remote node participating in two networks where it is communicating within its RF4CE network and a home automation network.  This would be a type of low duty cycle application.  Please see additional topics and the MKW2x reference manual under the documentation tab for more information at KW2x |Kinetis KW2x 2.4 GHz RF MCUs|Freescale