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Linker file for Vybrid VF61

Question asked by Dragan Kujovic on Oct 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by Timesys Support

Respected colleagues,


can somebody from Freescale community share a correct sample of GCC Linker file for VF61 Vybrid CPU (VF61.ld).


I need it for Phytec Vybriid Cosmic+ Board, but it can be for Freescale Tower System also.


I know how to make a working GCC projects for VF61, but I have not experience in generating correct GCC Linker files, and because of incorrect memory mapping my applications crashes in Timesys Linux environment.


Please, do not point me to some documents how to make linker file, because I am not sure that I can handle this. Working sample for VF61 is the best solution. I hope that somebody work with GCC and VF61.


Thanks in advance.


With best regards,

Dragan Kujovic