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KW0x- Generating a continuous un-modulated signal

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Generating a Continuous Un-modulated signal is a common request for customers evaluating RF performance.

This allows the user to measure not only the accuracy of the transmission's center frequency but it is also useful

to measure power consumption.


To generate this signal the following steps are needed:

1) Set Data Mode to "Data Mode Continuous"


DATA MODE ->  Continuous mode (any: with or without bit syncrhonizer)


2) Set Fdev to zero

RegFdevMsb (0x05)= 0x00

RegFdevLsb (0x06)= 0x00


3) Put xcvr in TX mode

RegOpMode (0x01)

MODE -> 011 (Transmitter mode- TX)


Code Snippet example (SMAC-based):

    /*Set Data Mode*/


     /*Set Fdev to zero*/


     /* Put transceiver in TX mode */

    PhyPib_SetOperationMode (OpMode_Transmitter);