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Vybrid .icf linker command files: how to allow IAR debugger to access a port?

Question asked by Kenneth Macfarlane on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by Kenneth Macfarlane

Getting  "Trying to read outside mapped memory at address:" when my code accesses a  port on the m4.

I have two apps, one which works properyl, is MQX based, and there

under project options linker config,.icf is in $TOOLKIT_DIR$\config\linker\Freescale\MVFxx_M4.icf.


I hacked a simple non-MQX one from a FSL 2D-ace demo, and it has a memory accession violation on the very first port access, using a .icf that looks similar (just has DDR added). 

There’s nothing in either .icf that  specifically allows the port address at 4000 0000, so does MQX allow it somehow, where non-MQX apps don't?