Thierry Maldague

RTE error (reset) MCF51QE128

Discussion created by Thierry Maldague on Sep 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2008 by Rajah Chandrasekhar

I'm trying (for 1 week) to port FreeRTOS on the MCF51QE128 (I have port this on mc9S08QE128 without problem), on the basis of the excellent work of Emmanuel (BugMan) for MCF5213.
When the OS try to start the (Task) scheduler, after a "restore context", a RTE instruction re-load the PC and the SR.

But, the MCF51 resets when trying to execute this RTE.

I attach a picture of the debug session, just before the execution of  the RTE instruction.
The stack frame at 8004DC looks OK (?), The instruction at the  BC4 adress (B4C) is a JSR

Does anyone have a remark or a suggestion (I am relatively beginner)?

Anyone  know other (free) RTOS fort the MCF51QE?