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How to program the 9S12NE64 with the BDM MultiLink

Question asked by Fernando Maesso on Sep 16, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2007 by Fernando Maesso
  This is my first project with FreeScale.
   I got the demo program and changed some items and added a new target P&E_ICD in my project. . This program work´s fine when compiled for Monitor target and downloaded by the serial monitor on the demoboard. But dont run when I compile for P&E_ICD target and download the program by the BDM.
    Some questions:
    The CW configuration for target Serial Monitor and P&E ICD is diferents?
    How I configure the CW to compile my application for P&E BDM?
    How I install bootloader? therefore bootloader of my demoboard was lost.
    Have some AN about this problems?

  PS.: Sorry for my bad english

Fernando Maesso