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i.MX28 Detect voltage stabilization

Question asked by lategoodbye on Oct 1, 2014
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i'm currently working on a Mainline Linux driver for the linear regulators of the i.MX28.


I've found out that the driver in the FSL BSP 2.6.35 uses the bit 9 (DC_OK) in HW_POWER_STS register to detect the voltage stabilization of dc control loop. But according to reference manual (page 935) this is only correct for voltage increase not for decrease.


Now i want to know, how to "make it the right way". First i thought of the HW_POWER_CTRL register with DC_OK_IRQ. But i want to be sure, that the interrupt comes for voltage increase AND decrease.


Additionally i need a timeout in milliseconds or microseconds, which defines the maximum time for voltage stabilization with enabled voltage steping. I didn't find any information about that in the datasheet.


Thanks in advance