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Stuck in TCP/IP Task?

Question asked by Tim Hutchinson on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by Tim Hutchinson

Hi All,


     I'm seeing a problem in my project with two TWR-MPC-5125 modules communicating via Ethernet where one of the modules will transmit something and cause both modules to be stuck in the MQX TCP/IP task. It seems to require both modules attempting to transmit to each other (5 or 6 small messages, 40k or so) at the same time  to cause this to happen. When it happens, my normal application tasks all show ready (priorities around 10 and 11) and my timer task that services my leds every 100mS (priority 2) runs properly but the TCP/IP task (priority 6) never blocks to let other tasks run. If I hit the reset button on one of the modules, the other module returns to normal operation. It seems like something has gotten the socket in a state that won't allow RTCS to allow other (lower priority) tasks to run and that bad state seems to be cleared when one of the modules is reset.


     Any suggestions for what could cause a socket to do this or what kinds of things I should look for in troubleshooting? If I prevent one of the modules from transmitting it's 5 or 6 messages until the other one has finished all works properly. Also, once these 5 or 6, 40k messages are exchanged, continuous small (20 or 30 byte) messages are sent back and forth for days/weeks with no ill effects. I'm using MQX patched with RTCS 4.0.1. Thanks for any guidance or ideas.