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add pre-built binaries/files to romfs p2020DS sdk 1.0.3

Question asked by Brian Larsen on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by Yiping Wang



I am having issues adding a pre-built binary to my romfs. Let’s call it hello_world.  I follow the steps in User_Manual_QorIQ_SDK_20110707.pdf in the FAQ section there is a question  claiming how to do this: “6. Q:How to adding a pre-built ppc binary to the rootfs” , yes “how to adding”…and I follow the instructions and when I try to run bitbake devel-image or bitbake minimal-image I get the error “ERROR: Required build target ‘devel-image’ has now buildable providers”…


I am trying to do it this way because I cannot find any documentation on how to set up a network file system while running linux on the target. Setting it up with U-boot works just fine, and I can tftp the images/filesystem to the flash or ram just fine.  I really don’t care at this time how I get hello_world on the p2020ds, I just need to get it on there while running linux. I can only get the minimal-image to boot/run on the p2020ds so I am not sure if that will even support the NFS on the target.


Thank you.