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Discussion created by Sam Nelson on Sep 14, 2007
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I'm trying to use the EPORT IRQ1 pin as a general purpose input on an MCF5282, but the input is always the same when I read the EPPDR register, regardless of the physical state of my switch.  I found this thread on the forums stating that I/O gets redirected to port NQ on the 5213, but the 5282 user manual doesn't specify an address for port NQ (although it does refer to port NQ several times) and I don't see it in any header files for the 5282. 

I leave the EPORT module in its reset state, which if I understand correctly, should be configured for general purpose input on the pins, which is what I want.

Do I need to use a different register to read an input from the EPORT module?  If so, which register at what address?