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KV10 SPI MOSI/SOUT isn't working

Question asked by awahab on Sep 29, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by jeremyzhou

Hello, I am trying to use the SPI0 peripheral in master mode on the MKV10Z32VFM7 (32-pin QFN) with the following mux:


PCS: pin 25, PTC4, mux 2

SCK: pin 26, PTC5, mux 2

SOUT: pin 27, PTC6, mux 2

SIN: pin 28, PTC7, mux 2


The pin mux values were taken from rev 3 of the Kinetis V Series datasheet. The peripheral fails to output data on the SOUT pin, though the PCS and SCK perform as expected.


External electrical connections to the SOUT pin have been verified on several boards and layouts. 


The SPI configuration in firmware has been verified by assigning SOUT to pin 5 (PTE18, mux 2), which outputs the serial stream as expected.


Is it possible that the mux table listing in the datasheet for PTC6 is incorrect? Or perhaps, might there be an error in the silicon?


Any insight as to why the SOUT signal fails to output on pin27/PTC6 would be greatly appreciated!