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Internal boot

Question asked by Mohammed Azlum on Sep 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by Mohammed Azlum

I have used iMX6Q peocessor for our project.

I wanted to use internal boot mode insted of efuse mode. For internal  boot mode 0b10 value need to be set BOOT_MODE[1:0] register.


When i select internal boot, again i have two options;

1) BT_FUSE_SEL = 1 booting sources are controlled by eFuses.

2) BT_FUSE_SEL = 0 booting sources are controlled by GPIO override.


So the question is,


1) I hope the values of BOOT_MODE[1:0] will be set by boot mode setting switch externally.If so, when I set 00 in BOOT_MODE[1:0] by using external switch whether board will go to eFuse boot mode ? If it is goes to eFues mode, the CPU will be boot always from eFuses directly ?


explain when the values in BOOT_MODE[1:0]  will be valid ?


2) When the values of BT_FUSE_SEL will be set? during programming the board or else when ?


3) What is GPIO override mode ? Whether do we need to configure the EIM siganls as GPIO or BOOT_CFG in GPIO override mode ?