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How to run DS-5 program at Phytec Cosmic+ board from FLASH ?

Question asked by Dragan Kujovic on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by Dragan Kujovic

Respected Colleagues,


I am new in ARM DS-5 and Freescale Vybrid processors, so please be easy on me.


I have successfully implemented DS-5 sample projects (Freescale-Vybrid-VF6xx-A5_RAM and Freescale-Vybrid-VF6xx-M4_RAM) under DS-5 for Phytec Cosmic+ Board and debug works fine. Hello World programs execution are OK on both Vybrid cores (A5 and M4). But those examples are executed in RAM.


My question is how to make firmware which can be downloaded to Cosmic+ Board FLASH, and executed from FLASH ? How to write scatter file, or make memory Configuration? Is it possible to download firmware to FLASH trough USB Cable, like in debug case, or I must have some programmer? Where can I find some firmware examples which are executed from FLASH ? Is it possible that examples for Vybrid are so rare or not exist at all?


Also, is it possible to make a Keil project for Vybrid M4 core with MQX RTOS ? I know how to make project, because I work in Keil for 5 years, but I do not see VF61 processor in the list of processors. Can it be some other M4 processor, and if it can, which one?


Thanks in advance.