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IMX6 tamper detection and response

Question asked by adelmon on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by adelmon

Dear All,


We would like to use tamper detection of IMX6 for to understand that the casing of our product is opened.

In such case we want to delete "Secure Memory" contents of IMX6.


According to security manual of IMX6 and also according to all documentation it seems this is possible.


But there are some conflicting thread responses ->


Tamper function in i.MX6.

Re: Tamper detection in iMX6Q processor

Tamper Pin in IMX6


In the first thread above it seems IMX6 does not support this ?

But at the other threads (thread 2 and 3) it seems this works ??


So which one is true ?

Is it possible to erase secure memory contents of IMX6 when we want to use tamper pin when our products casing(box) is opened ?


Does this really work in IMX6 ?

Is there a problem case for the zeroization of secure memory ?


Best regards,