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How to make ADC work using Processor Expert

Question asked by KEVIN KRATZER on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2014 by Alice_Yang

Here is an ADC code question for Processor Expert for KE02Z32 in KDS. The 10 ADC inputs are divided into 2 groups of 5 ch.

Is this the correct function form below the bean as suggested by the yellow help window? I need some help filling it in to work in my project. I think I would fill the form of the functions in with the "define" info from the ADC.c and ADC.h files. What do I need to do to make the ADC work?



LDD_TError AD1SampleGroup(LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr, unit8_t GroupIndex);    



LDD_TError AD1_StartSingleMeasurement (LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr);


AD1_GetMeasuredValues(); LDD_TError
AD1_GetMeasuredValues (LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr, LDD_TData *BufferPtr);