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aic loopback demo on 9131rdb

Question asked by David Li on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by lunminliang

Hello all,


I am stumped on how to run the aic_loopback_demo included with CW 10.7 for the bsc9131rdb.

Here's what I'm doing.

I initialize on BSP side the rf interface. After, when i do "rftool -i rf2" I get


rf2state: Ready
rfphy: ad9361
rfdev mode: Master
LTE TDD, 10 Mhz
Antennas: 1, 1T1R
CP: Short, len: cp0 80, cp1 72
Symbol len: 1024
Tx atten for antenna 1: 28

        DL Carrier Freq: 2593000KHz

        UL Carrier Freq: 2593000KHz

Time-Sync source: PTP
Time-Sync information:
Admin state: Started
Availability of timing reference: Not known
Operation state: Time synchronization not started
Frequency drift (wrt to 19.2MHz): -1 Hz

. This looks right to me (using band 40/41 card) but I could be wrong.


I compile the AIC loopback demo and boot the binary using dsp_bt. Then I go to connect via codewarrior attach and I halt at line around line 574 in the appInit function.


aic_dev = osSioDeviceOpen(device_name, &sio_dev_param);