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GraphicBuffer memory attached as a texture to FBO not getting updated in IMX6Q?

Question asked by Abhishek Mohan on Sep 26, 2014

I am facing the following issue on IMX6Q(Android 4.3JB):

EGLimage of a GraphicBuffer memory is attached to an OpenGL texture and the texture is attached to an OpenGL FrameBufferObject as a Color Attachment. Render to texture is being used for off-screen rendering.

This approach is being used in order to avoid glreadpixels.

I find that upon using glreadpixels, the rendered frame is being obtained. But, the provided GraphicBuffers are not getting updated at all.

I always get a black image upon dumping the contents of the GraphicBuffers to a file.

I have attached the test code. I am trying to display an image on screen using openGL in the test code.

Any help on this issue would be very valuable.