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MQX4.1: USB CDC stack memory allocation failure

Question asked by Hui Shao on Sep 25, 2014
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Does anyone have ever enabled USB CDC device on a MK20DX128VFM5 with 16KB RAM only? I run into memory allocation failure in MAX 4.1 k20d50m BSP usb\device\source\device\dev_main.c:


USB_STATUS _usb_device_init
      /* [IN] the USB device controller to initialize */
      struct usb_dev_if_struct  *usb_if,

      /* [OUT] the USB_USB_dev_initialize state structure */
      _usb_device_handle   *handle,

      /* [IN] number of endpoints to initialize */
      _mqx_uint                 endpoints
{ /* Body */


   /* Initialize the USB interface. */

   if (dev_if->DEV_PREINIT != NULL)


      error = dev_if->DEV_PREINIT((_usb_device_handle *) &usb_dev_ptr);





The function call above ends up with a NULL usb_dev_ptr due to a ~3KB memory allocation failure. Since this model of K20 has only 16KB memory, I just want to know if it is feasible to bring up USB CDC stack on this chip.






Added some more details.

The exact failure place is in  usb\device\source\device\khci\khci_dev_main.c, where 2432 bytes of memory is allocated:


USB_STATUS _usb_dci_usbfs_preinit
    /* [IN] the USB device handle */
    _usb_device_handle  *handle_ptr
    KHCI_XD_STRUCT_PTR            xd_ptr;
    SCRATCH_STRUCT_PTR            temp_scratch_ptr;
    _mqx_uint j;

    if (NULL != usb_dev_ptr) {
        /* Allocate MAX_XDS_FOR_TR_CALLS */
        usb_dev_ptr->G.XD_BASE = (XD_STRUCT_PTR) USB_mem_alloc_zero(sizeof(KHCI_XD_STRUCT) * MAX_XDS_FOR_TR_CALLS);

        if (usb_dev_ptr->G.XD_BASE == NULL)
            #if DEV_DEBUG
            printf("2 memalloc failed in _usb_device_init\n");