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Profibus Master Mode

Question asked by Ragip SELCUK on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by june lu

I aim to design a controller with QorlQ . Controller feature shall be Profibus Master Support, Ethernet comminucation for remote control and other requirements. I searched all document But I found only profibus slave support for QorlQ devices.Feature list define Profibus Master but it is not enough.I have some question listed below.
      1- is QorlQ family support profibus master mode.?

      2- is it need a certificate or permission from Siemens A.G ?.

      3- How can I configure Profibus Master Nodes ?.

      4- is it possible a referance design for Profibus Master?.

      5- If I purchase TWR-P1025-KIT , can I make Profibus Master configuration and comminucation ?.

      6- What is the count of Profibus Master Nodes?

      7- is it support linux kernel profibus stack ?

      8- I know that it is possible to make with Profibus Master/Slave Card from third party companies compatible PCI-Express and a computer. It is very high cost solution.

I'd appreciate it if someone give answer my questions.thanks a lot.