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Where to Place Assembly Code

Question asked by Designer11 on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by Tony Papadimitriou

Hello Everyone,


First of all i haven't program in assembly for a long long time, since my college years. Anyway, I added a few lines of assembly code to the original serial bootloader, and i placed it between main and IFDEFIRQOPTION. The reason i added the codes between main and IFDEFIRQOPTION is to toggle those pins before the actual serial communication takes place. After power cycle, i measure pin 3 status to see if it's indeed set to high but nothing changes.


Could someone shows me what am i doing wrong ?


main:   ;********************************************************************************   ;Configure the chip into RS-232 Mode. Before receiving data from the bootloader   ; Data Direction settings on pin ports  =>OUTPUT   ;********************************************************************************        BSET      7,PTADD_PTADD7                ; Set RS232/RS485 data direction pin to output       BSET      2,PTBDD_PTBDD2                ; Set Receiver Enable data direction pin output       BSET      3,PTBDD_PTBDD3                ; Set Driver Enable direction pin to output   ;********************************************************************************   ;Configure the LTC2870 in RS-232 Mode.   ;Enable/Disable the following pins   ;********************************************************************************        BSET      3,PTBD_PTBD3           ;DXEN:  RS232/485 Driver Enable  =1       BCLR      2,PTBD_PTBD2           ;!RXEN: Receiver Enable active low =0       BCLR      7,PTAD_PTAD7           ;RS232 Mode  =0            IFDEF IRQOPTION       BIH      PVEC0                   ; if IRQ high, jump directly to real app.     ENDIF       LDA      SRS