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USB_SERVICE_MAX_EP in usb_devapi.h for K51

Question asked by John Strohm on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by Kan_Li

We're going to be developing a composite USB device around a Kinetis K51 microcontroller.  I'm getting familiar with the Freescale USB stack.


In usb_devapi.h, I find the following:


#if (defined(_MCF51JM128_H) ||defined(_MCF51MM256_H) || (defined _MCF51JE256_H))

    #define  USB_SERVICE_MAX_EP         USB_SERVICE_EP15



        #define  USB_SERVICE_MAX_EP         USB_SERVICE_EP6


        #define  USB_SERVICE_MAX_EP         USB_SERVICE_EP4




This seems to suggest that the Coldfire processors can handle 16 endpoints, but the Kinetis processors can only handle 4 or 6 endpoints.


The manual for the part we're using states in so many words that the part can handle 16 endpoints.


Is this an error in usb_devapi.h?  Or am I missing something obvious?