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Execute .bin file in OCRAM

Question asked by Torben Luedeking on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by Torben Luedeking

Hello everyone,


At this time i'm trying to get an .bin file to run in the OCRAM. I'm writing this File to the OCRAM by using the Serial Downloader.

Writing works without any problems. But when i send the JUMP_ADDR cmd it seems to work (no more responses from Serial Downloader).

Actually it isn't, I started thinking maybe i have a Problem in the Code so i made a really simple example which contains just a few Commands to light up the two LED's on my board. This code works perfectly fine, when it is transfered and executed vie CrossStudio and JTAG. Now i'm a bit curious what could be wrong am i missing some register settings bevore i can execute the Code after it has been transfered via Serial Downloader?

I download the Project to 0x3f000000 (sys0_OCRAM) and jumping to the same ADDR (This fits the Project settings that are used to build).

We are using the Vybrid on our own Setup (not the Tower Board). According to this the MFGTool is no option.


Best regards and thank you for your future answers