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H264 video decoded by iMX6 is very obscure, compared with other platform

Question asked by Frank Lee on Sep 25, 2014

Hi All,

   We use iMX6 h264 decoder to decode h264 video, but the image displayed is very obscure, compared with other platform, such as Amlogic A9 platform.


   We use vpudec plugin for h264 decode. In the attachment, there are source code and h264 video data files, and also two photos I took for H264 decoding with iMX6 and Amlogic platform. The video decoded by Amlogic platform is very clear, especially the text, but iMX6 seems blur the text. The video content is  Windows desktop, we want the video clear enough to see the text on the desktop.


   On Amlogic platform, we enable a option which name is PTS, then the video is very clear, without PTS, the video is obscure as same as on iMX6.


   In the attachment, there is a README file to show how to compile and run the test program, it is very simple.


   Thanks in advance.




Original Attachment has been moved to: h264_test.tar.gz