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ERR005852 : what is "analog bypass mode"?

Question asked by Nori Shinozaki on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by Nori Shinozaki

Hello Igor,


Sorry, seems I have made you confused.

Let me confirm "analog bypass mode" again.


-- Using "(digital) bypass mode(0x1F)" and entering to DSM causes the errata, which is, slow rising of VDDARM_CAP.

- The workaround is to go to "analog bypass mode(0x1E)" before entinrg DSM.


These sentences in the error is fine.


Here is a real question:


Is going to "analog bypass mode(0x1E)" the only workaround?

Because my custmer observed that any applicable ragulation values such as 0x12 or 0x18 also make VDDARM_CAP rise quick.


I guess the reason why the official workaround suggested to use "analog bypass mode(0x1E)" is to achieve lower power comsumption rather than using actual regulator values enabling LDO.


Is this correct understaning ?


Best regards,

Nori Shinozaki