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IMX6 solo - Nand Booting...

Question asked by jk t on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by igorpadykov


We are using IMX6 solo (silicon Rev 1.2) SoC based custom board, in that try to boot that from NAND.

Using kobs-ng tool (ver 11.09.01) to flash the uboot.imx to NAND but the board is not booting from NAND.

Checked the FCB, DBBT by dumping the NAND data, and they are OK.


1. Is flashing u-boot.imx is OK? or can we use u-boot.bin?

          I tried u-boot.imx and u-boot.bin - both not working.

2. Do we need to do 1K padding in u-boot file for program image format? I hope the boot ROM expects it?

     I tested with padding and without padding, both not working.

3. Read an errata for imx6 solo/dual lite manual - for 32kHz internal oscillator inaccuracy issue.   

          I use the NAND which tRST - 5/10/500 microsecond and tR = 75 microsecond. provide information (other than specified inthe errata) on this errata how to fix it.


consider the all inputs and provide inputs on how to boot the NAND and what else can be checked?


Is that related to ERR007117 - Nand boot issue?