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bsp cloning wizard issue - ffs project does not create automatically

Question asked by Tianhe Wang on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Radek Sestak



I creat a BSP clone, but at Libraries build project, it does not contain the project file.


I check the filesystem, I find there are something missing:

I assume {MQX_ROOT}=D:\Freescale\Freescale_MQX_4_1 ,  {BOARD_NAME}=CIRL_k60f150m , copy from {BOARD_SOURCE}=twrk60f120m, IDE is CW10.6


In the path {MQX_ROOT}\build\{BOARD_NAME}\cw10gcc\ , the wsd file does contain the ffs project declaration, but does not have such BOARD_NAME(directory) in {MQX_ROOT}\ffs\build\cw10gcc\ .

I try to do something with this issue, and find some solution:

QQ截图20140925001516.pngCopy the directory by using the {BOARD_SOURCE} as template which you clone from, and rename it to {BOARD_NAME} , then search all sub-directories and find every file which contain the string {BOARD_SOURCE}.

Replace it ( {BOARD_SOURCE} ) to {BOARD_NAME}.


Then, when you use the CodeWarrior, using the work set import, it goes well!

I use the same method, to build my KDS project.

I referenced the guide books of MQX. Especially the MQX_User_Guide