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Missing PEmicro in Keil MDK4

Question asked by Kai Liu on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by Kai Liu

I am trying to use PEmicro Multilink Universal in Keil MDK4. Keil reports following error when I tried to switch to PEmicro debugger.


Cannot load driver c:\Keil\ARM\PEmicro\Pemicro_ArmCortexInterface.dll


I download the multilin_universal_install.exe from PEmicro and install the driver, I still can not find the specified dll file neither in c:\PEmicro nor in c:\Keil\ARM\PEmicro.


I should look for support from PEmicro, however because its website is fully built with Google API, which is banned in China. So its javascript doesn't work for me. Therefore I can only download, I can not access its support line.


Does anyone know the reason?