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FRDM K22F Internal Flash Writing

Question asked by David Alain on Sep 24, 2014
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I'm trying to make a bootloader to my application using KDS v1.1.1.

I'm able to erase flash sectors and read any addres on flash, but I can't to write any byte into internal flash.


I have tried to use on KDS both components Internal Flash (IntFLASH) and FLASH_LDD, but both do not work to write data into flash.


I'm using KDS v1.1.1, but there is not the correct target CPU of FRDM-K22F (MK22FN512VLH12), even the KDS Release Notes saying that this target is supported.

To MK22F family appears as availables CPUs MK22FN1M0xxx12 and MK22FX512xxx12.


Because of this I'm using a similar target, the MK22FX512VLH12, but without FlexMemory and MPU because my target MK22FN512 do not have these features.


I know that the flash sector size is different.

On MK22FN512 the sector size is 2KB and on both MK22FN1M0 and MK22FX512 the sector size is 4KB.

Can this affect the flash writing feature?


Is there any component to FRDM-K22F that works the erasing, reading and writing data into flash properly?